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The Coalition brings people and organizations together around health issues that affect quality of life in the region. We raise awareness, create opportunities for networking, and support finding solutions. We develop, implement, and evaluate initiatives, events, projects and policies that address areas of common interest to members. Our hope is to mobilize the community to advocate for health in all policies and ensure implementation through effective program models and best practices. 

The plan has 1 overarching goal of healthy equity through a racial lens, with 3 core principles, 12 overarching aims, 6 measurable objectives, and 21 actionable strategies.


Role in CHIP Implementation


We hold shared responsibility with the Worcester Division of Public Health/Central Massachusetts Regional Department of Public Health for implementation of the 2016 Community Health Improvement Plan, working together to build a healthy community, with the goal of healthy equity. Our role is to ensure continuous community engagement that it is universally inclusive and representative of the diverse organizations, agencies, and residents of the region. We provide a mechanism for funding toward CHIP initiatives, and we build accountability by tracking and evaluating progress toward outcomes. The Coalition provides structure and tools for communication, collaboration, and reporting.

Coalition Framework


The Coalition is led by a Steering Committee of representatives from public health, health care, and social service and other non-profit organizations. Four subcommittees provide strategic and operational support and guidance in community engagement, policy and advocacy, research and evaluation, and resource and development. 



The Community Engagement subcommittee builds and maintains community engagement in Coalition activities and CHIP implementation, ensuring participation that it is inclusive and representative of the diverse organizations and residents of the region. 

The Policy and Advocacy subcommittee reviews the system and policy barriers to implementation of CHIP strategies. The committee also works to engage in activities to influence decision makers and mobilize allies at the policy level.

The Research and Evaluation subcommittee develops a structure for qualitative and quantitative research, evaluating progress toward outcomes, including methods for participating organizations to report back and for community members to provide feedback.

The Resource and Development subcommittee creates a process for grant-making and makes decisions about allocation and disbursement of funds for CHIP-specific initiatives, in addition to pursuing funding opportunities and building strategy for sustainability of the Coalition. 

Priority Area "Working Groups"

Each of the nine priority areas will convene partners to track progress along the objectives and strategies. 

The meetings are being coordinated in partnership between the Worcester Division of Public Health/Central MA Regional Public Health Alliance and the Coalition for a Healthy Greater Worcester. 


More information on the Priority Areas may be found here. 


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