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How is REACH helping to “get the word out” letting people in Worcester’s Latino communities know about programs that exist related to nutrition, physical activity, and breastfeeding?

  • Attending community events and sharing information about programs that could be helpful to people

  • Sharing  information through Coalition  newsletter, facebook, and instagram

  • Sharing information in print, ads, and social media.

  • Looking for organizations to join us to promote health. 

What are next steps for organizations who want to get involved?

Sign up to be partners with us. In a collaborative relationship we will help to publicize your programming and events in the newsletters and email lists of other organizations that have joined the REACH project. We will also ask that you do the same.

How is REACH supporting Worcester programs that already exist?

  • REACH is supporting Worcester programs related to nutrition, physical activity, and breastfeeding 

  • Helping facilitate opportunities to network, collaborate, align efforts with other organizations 

  • Helping organizations to publicize their programs to Worcester’s Latino communities and to other organizations in Worcester

  • Helping programs and healthcare organizations to provide culturally responsive care, or care that is more understanding of and responsive to the experience and culture of people in Worcester’s Latino communities. 

What if I don’t belong to an organization? How can I get involved in REACH?

As an individual, you can get involved in REACH by:

  • Apply to serve on the REACH Advisory Committee. 

  • Provide your contact information for future opportunities the REACH project will have that require community voices.  

  • Sign up to join the Coalition for a Healthy Greater Worcester

  • Intern or Volunteer with the Coalition

  • Sign up for the Coalition newsletter

  • Volunteer for community conversations, special events, or opportunities to take on special roles.

  • Attending a CHIP work group meeting, share your perspective, advocate for your community and REACH interests 


Is REACH a program that I can sign up for, get services from?

No, REACH is not a direct service program, but can do our best to point you in the right direction.


What is the CHIP?

CHIP stands for ‘Community Health Improvement Plan. It is the long term plan for improving health for all communities in Worcester. All members of the community, organizations and individuals are invited to take part in the planning.

You can get involved by following the Coalition for a Healthy Greater Worcester on Facebook, going to the website, signing up to receive emails. You can also decide to attend work group meetings. They are an opportunity to share your perspective, advocate for your community, participate in decision-making.

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