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Priority Area Leaders

Coalition Steering Committee Rep: Liz Myska

WDPH Staff Reps:  Jennifer Nakijoba

Priority Area Convener: Patty Flanagan, YWCA of Central MA

To be added to the Physical Activity distribution list, please email    


Priority Area Aim

Improve health for those who live, work, learn and play in the region through safe, equitable access to opportunities for physical activity, with special emphasis on youth, vulnerable, and underserved populations.

Objectives and Strategies


Obj. 8.1. Enhance access to 25 places for physical activity combined with informational outreach, targeting efforts to vulnerable populations.    

8.1.1. Identify and promote walking, bicycling and transit routes to 25 public and private indoor and outdoor physical activity facilities such as community recreation sites, joint use locations, parks and walking trails.
8.1.2. Create and promote Safe Routes to School route maps for all schools to CMRPHA communities.
8.1.3. Identify access and programming gaps to public and private indoor and outdoor physical activity facilities for specific vulnerable populations.
8.1.4. Improve pedestrian network within 1/2 mile of the top 10 high activity transit stops.
8.1.5. Ensure that every public elementary school has access to a safe place to play and increase access to existing play facilities through join use agreements.


Obj. 8.2. Implement 10 projects to engage residents with municipal Complete Streets programs that improve routine walking, bicycling, and traffic safety.    

8.2.1. Implement and evaluate one low-cost temporary change to a public space to encourage active transportation, known as a demonstration project, in each of CMRPHA town and three in Worcester, with location selection based on Census and crash data and link projects to ongoing advocacy. 

Obj. 8.3 Implement two approaches to engage the business community in promoting community walkability.     

8.3.1. Develop and pilot walkability scorecard for residential and commercial development to assess the role of private development in promotion community walkability. 
8.3.2. Engage business community regarding economic value of walkable communities.

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