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Access Coalition Documents  


All work being done is open and transparent. We intend to make all documents available for use by community members working toward CHIP implementation.


All Coalition documents, including minutes for all meetings, are posted and accessible by clicking here to access the Coalition Drive or on the "Access Coalition Drive" button at the bottom of each page


Following are direct links to folders for each group:

Steering Committee

Steering Committee Folder

By Subcommittee

Community Engagement Subcommittee Folder

Policy and Advocacy Subcommittee Folder

Research and Evaluation Subcommittee Folder

Resource and Development Subcommittee Folder

Working Groups

Information Campaigns

Human Centered Referrals



Mobilize Services


Following are downloadable files for meetings:

Minutes Template

CHIP Report Out Guide

Promote the Coalition and CHIP


For the Coalition and CHIP, please use messaging as found on this website and also on these documents which may be printed for distribution.

Following are downloadable files:


Coalition Summary Sheet 

CHIP Summary Sheet 


Following are links to "Putting Health Equity Front and Center in Community Health Improvement by Empowering, Listening to, and Respecting Community Voices":

Video of Breakout Session Presentation


If you have any questions, need additional information, or would like to request a presentation on the Coalition and/or CHIP, please email Casey Burns, Director, at

Share Your News and Events


We are happy to include any news and events that pertain to the Coalition's work and mission in our e-newsletter, "The Coalition Connection", which is distributed monthly to all Coalition and other community members. Any submitted news and events may also be included in the Coalition's website, social media, and other channels. Please click here for the submission form.

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