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Priority Area Leaders

Coalition Steering Committee Rep: Jose Ramirez, Edward M. Kennedy Health Center

Co-Chair: Noreen Johnson, Family Health Center

WDPH Staff Rep: Jennifer Nakijoba, Prevention Specialist

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Priority Area Aim

Create a well-coordinated, respectful, and culturally-responsive environment that encourages prevention of chronic disease, reduction of infant mortality, and access to quality comprehensive care for all.

Objectives and Strategies


Obj. 3.1. Increase the number of clinicians who provide care for culturally diverse, low income patients at Worcester's Community Health Centers by 10%.  


3.1.1. Reevaluate and recalculate Worcester's community HPSA score to increase recruitment of national health service corps scholars.
3.1.2. Assess, develop, and fund workforce development initiatives that support the local pipeline of licensed professional health care workers from Worcester academic institutions including physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, dentists, behavioral health clinicians, psychiatrists and others to our community health centers.


Obj. 3.2 Decrease rates of re-hospitalization and preventable use of emergency departments by 15% through a "no wrong door" approach to coordinating services.     

3.2.1. Publicize and promote a community calendar of insurance enrollment outreach events and open hours for enrollment support in the community for use of all community organizations. 
3.2.2. Promote awareness of WRTA personal transportation services (PT1) among healthcare and health professionals.
3.2.3. Increase the number of, use of, and reimbursement for trained, culturally diverse community health workers available to support area residents in accessing care and services in the community.
3.2.4. Establish or improve referrals from free clinics to ongoing primary care and other needed services. 
3.2.5. Improve connections between clinical and community providers for residents with poor health outcomes such as asthma, hypertension, oral-ill health, sexual-ill health, and at risk for injuries such as falls, especially for underserved and vulnerable populations.
3.2.6. Increase the distribution of the resource booklet produced by the Worcester Community Connections Coalition at area health centers, hospitals, community based organizations, and other locations.
3.2.7. Increase the capacity of schools, through nursing services or school-based health centers, to provide screening, testing, treatment, and referral to services for school-aged children.


Obj. 3.3 Improve cultural awareness, responsiveness, and competence to improve the patient experience at area health providers and make Worcester a welcoming community of choice for culturally diverse residents.    

3.3.1. Coordinate a quarterly series of free customer service trainings for direct health care staff in Worcester.
3.3.2. Provide additional mechanisms for clinical providers to collect and review community voice concerning barriers to care, discrimination, cultural considerations in care, and gaps in services. 

Minutes from Past Meetings

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